please note our menu items are subject to change daily

pumpkin banana bread*   4.25

sticky toffee cake*  whipped cream  5

buttermilk biscuit*  honey butter  4.25  + Pt. Reyes Toma, scallions, sausage or ham 8.5

3-grain porridge*  Anson Mills stone cut oats, black + red rice, quinoa, hazelnuts, bananas, brown sugar, cream   8.5   (Mondays + Tuesdays)

chia seed pudding  almond milk, coconut, market fruit, raw almonds, bee pollen, honey   9.25

house made granola  Straus whole milk yogurt, market fruit, Potrero Hill honey   9.25

Annie's almond flour pancakes  butter + pure maple syrup   13.75  (gluten-free)

lemon ricotta pancakes  house made ricotta, butter + pure Vermont maple syrup   14

french toast  caramelized pink lady apples, pure Vermont maple syrup   11.5 / 14.5

breakfast sandwich  two eggs fried soft, aioli, cheddar, frisee, Acme bun, plow potatoes  12   + bacon or avocado   14.75

soft scrambled eggs  shiitake mushrooms, stinging nettles, goat cheese, plow potatoes + toast   15.75

two egg breakfast  two eggs, choice of house made pork sausage patties, Nueske's bacon, or chicken apple sausage, plow potatoes + toast   15

Chinese breakfast  caramelized pork shoulder, chili paste, ginger, two eggs fried, Jasmine rice   15

the plow  two eggs with choice of house made pork sausage patties, Nueske's bacon, or chicken apple sausage, two lemon ricotta pancakes + plow potatoes   16.5

chicory salad  fennel, apples, spiced walnuts, Cabrales blue cheese, pomegranate seeds  12.75

cold-smoked salmon toast  farmer's cheese, shaved red onions, capers, dill, Acme levain, simple green salad  16.5

open-faced proscuitto + gruyere sandwich  chili + garlic fried egg, frisee + parsley, toasted Acme brioche   11.75

grilled cheese sandwich  cheddar, Pt. Reyes Toma, fromage blanc, pickled red onions, aioli, Acme levain 13  + Fra'Mani ham  16

*until it's gone


Hong Kong style toast  buttered brioche + sweetened condensed milk  4

market fruit   7

plow potatoes   5.5

one pancake   5

Zoe's chicken apple sausage   5

house made pork sausage patties   5.75

Nueske's bacon   5.75

buttered toast + house preserves   4.5

simple green salad   5

two eggs   4


Equator coffee   3.75

12-hour cold brewed iced coffee   4.75

Five Mountains organic tea   4.75

orange juice   3.75 / 5

grapefruit juice   4.5 / 5.5

house made lemonade   4.75

iced tea   4.75

Spindrift ginger beer   4.5

Mexican Coke (with cane sugar)   3.75

Straus Family organic whole milk   3.5 / 4.5

Thank you to our farmers + purveyors:  Toluma FarmsFree Spirit FarmsMariquita FarmsHappy Boy FarmsHamada FarmsDirty Girl ProduceCounty Line HarvestRiverdog Farm, Iacopi FarmsKnoll FarmsTory FarmsK + J Orchards, Dwelley Farm, Star Route Farms, Kashiwase FarmsSwanton Berry FarmBlossom Bluff OrchardsFrog Hollow FarmRiver Dog Farm, Capay OrganicStraus Family CreameryCowgirl CreameryAcme BreadMonterey FishAnson MillsFar West FungiEquator CoffeesFive Mountains TeaLeadbetter's Bake ShopTcho Chocolate