FOR OUR LITTLE PLOWERS (10 and under, please)

Papa Joel's egg-in-a-hole  plow potatoes   8

Morgan's organic yogurt + market fruit  Potrero Hill honey   7.5

Mia’s lemon ricotta pancakes  butter + pure maple syrup   9.75

Addy's almond flour pancakes  butter + pure maple syrup   9.75  (gluten-free)

Ruby’s french toast  blood orange vanilla bean compote, mascarpone, pure maple syrup   7.75

Simon’s one egg brekkie  choice of Nueske bacon, house made pork sausage patty, or chicken apple sausage + plow potatoes   9

Iree's grilled cheese  Pt. Reyes Toma, Vermont cheddar, plow potatoes  9

Stevie's plow potatoes  5.5