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daily menu

please note that our menu items are subject to change daily

buttermilk biscuit*   5
honey butter

sausage + cheddar biscuit* 10
green onions, honey butter

house made granola   10
market fruit, Straus whole milk yogurt

chia seed pudding   9.25
almond milk, coconut, market fruit, Potrero Hill honey, raw almonds, bee pollen

Annie’s almond flour pancakes   15
butter, pure maple syrup  (gluten free)  

lemon ricotta pancakes   16
house made ricotta, butter, pure maple syrup 

custard french toast   two piece 13 / three piece  16
brown sugar roasted apples, vanilla mascarpone cream, pure maple syrup  

breakfast sandwich   13  
two eggs fried soft, cheddar, aïoli, frisée, Acme bun, plow potatoes
+ bacon or avocado   16

dungeness crab scramble 22.5
scallions, creme fraiche, plow potatoes + toast

two egg breakfast   16
choice of house made pork sausage, Nueske’s bacon, or chicken apple sausage, plow potatoes + toast 

the plow   17.5
two eggs, two lemon ricotta pancakes + plow potatoes, choice of house made pork sausage, Nueske’s bacon, or chicken apple sausage

blood sausage + two eggs   17.5
plow potatoes + toast


bone broth   5

heirloom bean + kale soup   8
torn bread, McEvoy extra virgin olive oil

winter chicory salad   12.75  
winter citrus, farmer’s cheese, toasted walnuts, mint, tarragon, champagne vinaigrette

mixed grain bowl   14.5
Anson Mills farro, quinoa, black rice, roasted Japanese sweet potatoes, maitake mushrooms, wilted winter greens, soy egg, avocado, charred scallion salsa verde

prosciutto + gruyere toast   16
frisée + parsley salad, garlic-chili fried egg up, plow potatoes  

smoked trout remoulade   18
smoked trout spread, pickled red onions, capers, dill, griddled Acme levain, simple green salad  

steak sandwich   18
arugula, cheddar, aïoli, horseradish, Acme ciabatta

grilled broccoli and cheddar sandwich   13
roasted broccoli, sharp cheddar, dijonnaise, Acme levain




weekend menu

please note that our menu items are subject to change daily. take-away not available on the weekends.

walnut rosemary muffin*   4

black sesame mochi cake* 5 

buttermilk biscuit*   5
honey butter  

pickled eggs*   5

chia seed pudding   9.25
almond milk, market fruit, coconut, almonds, honey, bee pollen, hemp seeds

house made granola   10
yogurt, market fruit, Potrero Hill honey

Annie's almond flour pancakes   15  (gf)
butter, pure maple syrup    

lemon ricotta pancakes   16
house made ricotta, butter, pure maple syrup

custard french toast   two pieces 13 / three pieces 16
roasted apples, mascarpone cream, pure maple syrup

cold-smoked salmon toast   18
house cream cheese, pickled red onion, caper, dill, Acme levain, simple green salad


eggs benedict
two eggs poached, house made English muffins, hollandaise with choice of spinach + mushrooms  16   
Fra'Mani ham   19
cold-smoked salmon   20

soft scrambled eggs   16
shiitake mushrooms, stinging nettles, goat cheese, plow potatoes + toast

dungeness crab scramble   22.5
scallions, creme fraiche, plow potatoes + toast

fried egg sandwich    13
two eggs fried soft, cheddar, aioli, frisee, plow potatoes   
bacon or avocado   16

Max's biscuits + gravy  13.75
house made pork sausage gravy, two eggs  

the plow    17.5
two eggs, lemon ricotta pancakes, choice of house made pork sausage patties, Nueske's bacon, or chicken apple sausage + plow potatoes

chicory salad   12.75
winter citrus, toasted hazelnuts, fromage blanc, champagne vinaigrette  

grilled ham + cheese   16
cheddar, Wagon Wheel, fromage blanc, aioli, whole grain mustard, Acme levain  

*until it's gone


little plowers

for our little plowers (10 and under, please)

Papa Joel's egg-in-a-hole 
plow potatoes 

Morgan's organic yogurt + market fruit
Potrero Hill honey  

Aidan’s lemon ricotta pancakes  
butter + pure maple syrup

Addy's almond flour pancakes 
butter + pure maple syrup (gluten-free)

Ruby’s french toast
market fruit, mascarpone cream, pure maple syrup

Simon’s one egg brekkie
choice of Nueske bacon, house made pork sausage patty, or chicken apple sausage + plow potatoes

Oliver's grilled cheese 
Pt. Reyes Toma, Vermont cheddar, plow potatoes

Stevie's plow potatoes 




Equator drip coffee   3.75

12-hour cold-brewed iced coffee   4.75

Five Mountains organic tea   4.75

orange juice   3.75 / 5

grapefruit juice   4.25 / 5.5

The Apple Farm apple juice   5

house made lemonade   5

iced tea   4

Mexican Coke 3.75

Straus whole milk   3 / 4.5

Mountain Valley sparkling water   3


beer + wine

mimosa   11

grapefruit mimosa   11.5

Allimant-Laugner Sparkling Rose    12 / 48
Alsace, France

Domaine Saint Vincent ‘Brut’    9 / 36
New Mexico

Skylark Rose    12 / 48

Lo Fi Cabernet Franc   38 (bottle only)
Santa Barbara

Hamm’s Premium Lager   4 / can    

Scrimshaw Pilsner   5 / btl
Fort Bragg

Fort Point Kolsch   5 / can